Will a Bankruptcy STOP a Foreclosure?

Will a Bankruptcy STOP a Foreclosure?

Absolutely! It won’t stop it permanently. But, it will stop it temporarily, long enough for us to try and get our feet underneath us and help you try and figure out how to keep your house. So for instance, in a Chapter 7, it’ll stop it right away. I can’t guarantee you, however that you’ll keep the house on a Chapter 7 just because you have to put the bankruptcy in place.

The reality of the bankruptcy is there’s only so much you can do with a Chapter 7. So, if you’re up to date on your house and someone’s coming to repo your car we can stop that for a period of time. In a Chapter 13, they will stop and put the arrears into the plan itself and the plan like I say will pay out between three and five years at a set amount and should have you at a better position by the time you’re done with it.

I hope this has been informational for you. I hope it’s helped you out. If you need information today call us today or hit our website, send me an email. We do respond very quickly. If this is an emergency please call our office. We’ll fit you in; we’ll find time for you.

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