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It’s unfortunate that some are unable to have closure from a sticky family situation. When families rift, the children are stuck right in the middle the dramatic events of paternal rights and custody challenges. There are experts that are dedicated to providing some of the better options for both parties to come to agreement on visitation rights, and custody of children that may be in the middle of a split. Damage control is important for everyone so that it can be fair as possible and not to add more pressure and stress to the individuals trying to work together for the benefit of the child.

We are experienced attorneys with child custody and paternal rights experience. Our experience with providing effective mediation to a family custody battle has proven to succeed for all parties with the children’s best interests in mind. It’s important for child custody attorney’s to have compassion to settle with a win-win outcome.

There is certain procedures and legal protocol for any attorney to support paternal rights or child custody situations. We have the right experience with the Utah laws and statutes to provide a favorable outcome for everyone with a key ingredient that some legal professionals may over look. The missing piece to a custody challenge is a paternity test. It seems a little unorthodox but armed with the proof of which the child belongs to is the evidence needed to support the outcome. 

Ogden Paternity and Custody AttorneysOur Paternity Attorneys have a streamlined process for helping parents determine legitimate methods to support the family, especially the children. DNA is the iron-clad proof needed to help parents come to agreement in a professional and cordial manner. Without this key ingredient to a custody battle, the finger pointing may never cease.

If you aren’t a legal resident of Utah, you can still have us represent you. Our experience working with the Utah Uniform Parentage Act has allowed us to become a trend setter as a liaison with other states. Utah courts recognize cases from other jurisdictions which makes it convenient for us to represent you as a Paternity Attorney.

Child custody is never fun for anyone. With the right family law attorney in Ogden in place, there will be an effective solution in place with realistic expectations that won’t further damage the emotions of the parents or children. We are reputable and credible with our experience assisting parents with determining a solid plan that won’t continue to dissolves the family. Our philosophy is to make the situation better by offering solid advice for everyone involved.

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Our expertise comes from studying the letter of the law, of course, but also from real-world experience in bankruptcy cases. We know how the courts and the criminal justice system operate, and we know how to function within those worlds to make sure your interests and rights are protected. When you’re facing a legal challenge, let us show you the difference our commitment to you can make.